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Introduction: We want to make every moment of our life a routine, because one thing cannot be as accurate as it is to keep notes. Any plane if we suddenly think of something. But I can keep a note of that, because it will be very difficult to think about it again next time. We have to masturbate our routine to take the test,Because we don’t want to forget my exam date and get a bad result. Through which my life will be ruined due to a mistake and not remembering.


Google keep-notes and lists: With Google keep, you can keep notes of all aspects of your daily life. Google is a system for Android and iPhone users who are gifted with very nice apps. Understanding their applications is very simple and they create applications in a very easy way. So that users can understand very easily. From a wise man to an illiterate person, they can use their application, but they create that system.No matter what application Google makes, they have come up with things that can easily become popular with people. That’s why the application that Google does not create is the top because their system operating is very easy for anyone to understand.


Note: Note is a system in which I have made notes once in my life, he knows well how fun notes are. He who has never made notes does not even know about notes. Notes can be used in any human activity as needed. In the case of someone noticing the home market. Someone uses notes to memorize their own topics. Again he made a note of the study schedule. In such a way that anyone can use it as he wishes.And since Google has created notebooks, it means that there is something special in it. And you can keep your important documents by signing Gmail on any phone, but you can collect from there very easily.

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