Is Your phone’s Diary secure ? Diary

Is Your phone’s Diary secure ? Diary

We use various applications to simplify our light. In the same way, we are getting involved with the daily life in the diary application. Because writing here is much easier and we can write the stories of our lives from any place at any time but in the application rather than looking for a notebook pen every day. And writing this diary is just a life story but it can be used for any purpose at present. Anyone who needs to use that mind. Can use applications without any problem. You can write the application according to the date. And here you can write in Bengali-English and hand pen if you want.

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Secure: No matter what we write at the moment, we want to try our best to keep our secrets from being shared. Even when we were writing diaries by hand, we kept our diaries hidden in a certain place. If you don’t use it on any expensive and normal phone, you can sign in to a Gmail app but you can keep it locked.Which no one other than you can access the application. This security will help you to hide what you have written.

Daily calculation: There are various types of expenses in our life. If we want to keep these costs in our hands, then we need to carry a notebook with us at all times. The work of this trouble is far away from us now because we are becoming digital day by day. In keeping with modernity, we can now make our lists in a modern way.Within the diarrhea application we can date everything at any moment but we can write down our contents and what we need to do for each category separately. When we go shopping, we forget a lot of things.

All support: This diary application if you are logged in via a Gmail. Then you can use it from any place for any need. You just have to remember your Gmail password without any problem. If you forget to pick up the phone in your hand, you can take a phone from anywhere and log in to this car with Gmail to pick up your important documents and get your work done.

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