Smart Ambulance Rights II All Ambulance Number

All Ambulance numbers in one app

Introduction: The ezzyr application is a right share app like three or four applications. But the special thing about it is that it was originally designed for Ambulance ride sharing. You can take right share from any place at any time from the application. It has a variety of facilities.

EZZyr: This application was created to share Ambulance rights. We are especially looking for an Ambulance and getting an ambulance from any place at any moment but usually do not get the number. We have to be harassed a lot, with that we have to count the money again. And this application is connected with 999 application but. This application was created specifically to share Ambulance rights. Through this application you can take this ambulance service from anywhere in Bangladesh. And it has some more special qualifications. By sharing the right to avoid, you can get different types of benefits and stay without adequate amount. The reason why this application is different from our other apps is that our life can be saved through these apps. Many times we see that there has been an accident or mishap in such a place. At that time we did not have the number of any Ambulance nearby so it was very bad to go to the hospital for our treatment. This took the lives of many of us. So everyone says this application is very important. Since we are all smart phone users now, we can install the application on our phone.

Ezzyr offer: The app is saving your life as well as operating you. You will get the offers if you take them in any diagnostic center or hospital, after sharing multiple rights, but you will get benefits from this application. The more rights you take, the more you can enjoy the offer pill. It is connected directly to 999, but when you call for an ambulance in the 999 application, the car will be sent from this app.

Family Ezzyr: You must have the application installed on everyone’s phone in your family and show how to use it. Because at any time you are in danger, maybe you will get sick yourself. You can no longer have an ambulance because of the illness, so you must teach your family how to do it. And this application can be used to save your life at any moment.

Special Note: Of course, you will never make fun of all these apps because it has saved your life, you will not hurt anyone with a funny trick.

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